Why Choose EBBO?

We are a leading education consulting company in Egypt and MENA region for bringing in exceptional education services from the UK, US and Europe. Our experts with years of research, education and working experience, offer help in recruiting students in prestigious universities each year.

We are you are perfect partner if you are looking to

  • Expand your services in the Egypt and MENA region
  • Get the best guidance & service consultation from a pioneer agency, helping to bring your regional market strategy to life.
  • Launch new cross-boundary programs and recruit high caliber students
  • Gain more exposure in Egypt and MENA Region
  • Arrange visits for academic expos, seminars and interviews

Gain an industry perspective like no other when you trust us as your local partner

  • Access our network of local and global partners
  • Grab opportunities in cross-boundary interdisciplinary agreements and investments
  • Get access to documented case studies, data analysis and keep up to date with regulations
  • Be present at the biggest local and regional educational meetings and events
  • Get your name and logo on all of our promotional materials and website
  • We understand that students are overwhelmed and under-informed when it comes to choices of international education, so we play a vital role in reaching out and communicating our partners’ solutions for the local demand.
  • EBBO provides an opportunity for institutions to engage intelligently in the foreign recruitment process since our goal is to find the ‘best fit,’ for both student and client.


Our staff is well trained on all aspects of international higher education and professional development ensuring that both the institutions and the students meet their goals.