Students Recruitment Services

Why use recruitment services?

In the higher education market, diversity of the student body and methods of funding are goals which the higher education institutes recently seek; more than 100 UK higher educational institutes have used recruitment agencies services in 2012, in 2011, nearly 50000 international students were recruited using their services. Nearly 30 percent of the fees paid to UK universities in 2012 were from students outside of the EU (of total 12 billion GBP) according to the British Council.

30% of fees coming to UK universities are outside of the EU

British council – 2012

Why our recruitment services?

We have recruited hundreds of applicants to several international and non-international CE and post-graduate programs for several highly ranked educational institutes such as:

University of Dundee

EBBO has recruited 113 student to different university of Dundee programs running in Egypt from different countries in the region.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie

EBBO has recruited 30 student to join the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie (DGI) implant program.

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

EBBO has recruited 33 student to join AAID program in Egypt and promoted the AAID membership to hundreds of dentists in Egypt and the region

What do we provide for you?

  • An access to a new local market with the experience needed to introduce the services to that region.
  • Expertise and local knowledge of the region that could benefit the university developmental plans.
  • Quick and effective methods of recruitment that are financially more effective than equivalent services in UK.
  • Direct communication with sales and marketing teams experienced with the local market, allowing an exchange of information between respective teams in the university which ultimately leads to a complete integration of the agency work in the university marketing plans and brand.
  • Reliable market information that is up to date and relevant to your area of interest and goals set by the university sales and marketing teams.
  • Distributing of physical and digital marketing material of the university through more marketing channels than are effective in local market.
  • A local infrastructure available for various uses (meetings, student interviews, appointments, presentations, orientation sessions…etc.)
  • Representation for university admission in local fares and meetings.
  • Information relating to needs of the local student that can help in improving application conversion rates, with statistics and reports available on reasons of loss of prospective students to tweak the recruitment process further.
  • Easy method for collection of evaluation and student satisfaction reports post-study.

What do we provide for your prospective students?

  • Provide advice for students and their parents that is approachable using local language and catered to local mindset and needs.
  • Provide career counseling to students through leading local experts in their wished-for career choice.
  • Provide students with help with application forms, travel and visa guidance services, accommodation…etc. that will make the student decision easier and with less hassle.
  • Assist students through the admission process fully step by step.
  • Assist students in fulfilling necessary requirements of admission including IELTs Exam registration for language requirements.
  • Support the student overseas through their freshman year to ensure that the student finds the overseas studies completely confusion free.
  • Understand the student potential case by case on a personal level and provide the student with recommendations that are highly personalized in a way that is not feasible through usual recruitment methods.