For Institutions

EBBO also offers a variety of expert consulting services in fields including curriculum customization, feasibility studies, accreditation consulting and more. Our expert consultant teams coordinate programs with the top tiers of local and international universities.


Institutions working under the legal umbrella of a locally licensed agency with a transparent and consistent strategy and leadership like EBBO eliminates the need to go through all the hassle of governmental paperwork and allows them to concentrate their efforts in a stable and safe environment for their investment and leaves room for flexibility.

EBBO is the perfect partner if you are looking to:

  • Expand your services in the Egypt and MENA region.
  • Offering the best guidance & service consultation from a pioneer agency, helping to bring your regional market strategy to life.
  • Get access to documented case studies, data analysis and keep up to date with regulations
  • Launch new cross-boundary programs and recruit high caliber students.
  • More exposure in Egypt and MENA Region through EBBO’s social media routes.
  • Arrange visits for academic expos, seminars and interviews.
  • Access our network of local and global partners.
  • Grab opportunities in cross-boundary interdisciplinary agreements and investments
  • Be present at the biggest local and regional educational meetings and events
  • Adding your name and logo on all of our promotional materials and website
  • EBBO provides an opportunity for institutions to engage intelligently in the foreign recruitment process since our goal is to find the ‘best fit,’ for both student and client.