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ASCDE (The arab society for continuous dental education) is a host for the University of Dundee Orthodontics MSc degree, the 3 year master program is entirely taught by university of Dundee professors; traveling from Dundee each month to lecture in the egyptian facilities. Under supervision of Egyptian professors, the second component of the MSc Program is the clinical training, students will perform complete orthodontics treatments on more than 30 patients on a 3 days per week schedule. All which fullfils the MOrtho examination requirements of the Royal colleges.


why university of dundee?

University of Dundee has been top ranked in several listings and received numerous rewards, including being first in the guardian ranking of 2015, ranked 123rd in top 200 “most universal” universities according to Times and ranked 185th in the world. It’s also the first in biological sciences in UK. According to the national student survey it’s the first in Scotland and 15th of uk.

The university is also ranked in world’s top 100 tor life sciences and medicine and world’s top 100 tor art and design and biological sciences and education.

The university of Dundee history of achievements has attracted several respected public personalities and the royal family of UK itself, including receiving the Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

Why Dundee’s Orthodontics MSc?


dentists has joined the MSc so far from several countries such as Egypt, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Jordan and Yemen.

The MSc in orthodontics is a comprehensive 3 year program for all dentists who wish to specialize in this discipline. Working closely with the egyptian counterparts, lecturers from Dundee travel to Cairo on monthly basis  to  teach  the  planned  three-year  program.
All  staff  teaching  on  the  programme  are  specialist orthodontists with experience of post-graduate teaching on University and UK NHS (National Health Service) orthodontics programmes.
Parallel with the University’s taught program, participating dentists would also undertake orthodontics skill training at the clinical facilities where patients receive treatment under the supervision of its own teaching staff and professors from several respected egyptian universities.

How is this international program applied in Egypt?

“off shore” or “flying faculty” learning method is the framework for running the degree in Egypt, being strictly an international program with the curriculum, instructors and layout completely done by university of dundee with the responsibilities of ASCDE being a host for the clinical residency part and the lectures. Applicants are provided full access to all of university of Dundee off-campus services including My Dundee access.

Graduation for the MSc holders is done at university of dundee graduation ceremony and students visit university of dundee for a summer course. Discussion of the MSc thesis is also done in the university.

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