EBBO in the International Higher Education Forum

EBBO would like to invite you to a group discussion in the upcoming International Higher Education Forum

  • International Higher Education Forum
  • Nottingham Conference Center
  • 14th of March 2018


The 45 minute group discussion is led by Dr Mahmoud Kohail, Executive Director of EBBO.

Discussion topics:

  1. Egypt’s potential as a TNE hub
  2. Why does the higher education sector in Egypt show promise?
  3. What is the promising vision of Egypt’s government for the economy in the future and its relation to higher education?
  4. How can universities take advantage of new laws & MoUs signed by the government for TNE opportunities?
  5. Is Egypt a safe and stable environment for investment?
  6. What factors available in Egypt that can support growth of international universities?
  7. New Egyptian capital, what is it and what are the current plans?
  8. Educational sector of the new capital, how it benefits International branch campuses (IBC) plans?


For more information, please contact us at manager@ebbo.global