Why choose Egypt and the MENA region?

As Egypt and MENA markets develop rapidly, an increasing number of students are seeking a quality education from prestigious international universities; however they are hindered by various obstacles. Bringing that particular education service closer to the local market as a rare valuable service will not only provide a reliable track for students as self-investment towards a great career but also represents huge expansion opportunities for international universities to catch an early leading role in a booming market.

According to recent statistics, the MENA region has a population of around 400 million and will have the highest youth population with both cohorts aging 0-14 years and 15-24 years reaching 45 percent and 21 percent, respectively.

This young population is already generating demands for higher education as they focus more on developing their human capital.

However, the number and quality grade of higher education institutions in these regions is not sufficient to fulfill the mentioned high demand; and rarely have prestigious overseas universities and institutions tapped into this market to fulfill its true demand.

As a pioneer in the field, EBBO realizes the potential that lies here for both the prospective students and the educational institutions and has committed itself to setting up an excellent platform for international education communication, attracting quality-education resources into Egypt and MENA and shaping bright minds into their full capacity.
We have quickly expanded in the process of exploring and finding perfect ways to integrate cross-boundary studies locally and regionally.

With experienced founders and staff in education and consulting services, we are establishing connections with many world-renowned universities and offer world-class professional services by relying on a strong and efficient network of domestic and foreign experts.