Services & Expertise

Our Agency provides a range of B2B management & consultancy, recruitment and marketing services to educational institutions looking to expand or establish off-shore programs and overseas branches in Egypt and MENA region such as:

• Consultation to Educational institutions for expansion in our local and regional market
• Student Recruitment for cross-boundary programs of international Universities
• Hosting off-shore programs
• Establishing universities branches and running education facilities
• Content development and E-solutions
• Counseling students about cross-boundary program with our partner universities
• Market research and networking
• Holding academic visits, seminars and interviews
• Education Exhibitions and Forums in MENA
• Integrated Solutions for education management and strategic development
• Feasibility studies and contracts management
• Assistance in paperwork for visits, accommodation and cultural experiences
• Other educational services

EBBO is unique among educational agencies as it serves a previously overlooked market sector of high-caliber candidates from Egypt and MENA region. We partner with reputable institutes and agencies worldwide, combining our expertise in the local and regional market with their distinguished university systems and together we work to satisfy the demand for an international higher education sector in Egypt and MENA. Our Counselors work closely with universities and students to minimize potential obstacles throughout the process.

EBBO also offers a variety of expert managing & consulting services in various fields including establishing overseas universities branches, managing education facilities, curriculum content customization, feasibility studies, accreditations and more.
Through our network of partners locally and worldwide, we have developed an effective strategy development model that utilizes the years of experience and trust of professional experts to safely guide suggested educational programs from ideas to reality. Our expert consultant teams coordinate programs with the top tiers of local and international universities.
We are committed to provide integrated solutions and support systems designed to meet the requirements of Educational Institutions and international students alike; achieving the visions and goals of educational institutions by employing modern and innovative methods in educational project management.
We offer program and project management services in the field of cross-boundary education in accordance with international standards. EBBO houses a dedicated team of specialists building the required procedures for running and implementing such projects in Egypt and the MENA region.
This enables the clients to meet or exceed their objectives through accurate technical and financial Feasibility Studies that determine the scopes of work as well as pricing guides, RFIs (Request for Information) and RFPs (Request for Proposals).
We also analyze Proposals in depth, develop and manage contracts. our services don’t stop here though, as we monitor and ensure the implementation of contracts through executive plans with scheduled resources. This helps in managing the processes of implementing the full scope of work within diligent quality control standards.
In our Event management sector, EBBO supports a range of integrated solutions in the fields of design, printing and organization to make adequate preparations for our clients’ events in a flexible and creative way.
Our experienced team comes up with successful solutions in event organization and management, designing event identity and the layout of conference venues including preparations for keynote speakers along with other promotional materials and advertisements.

In order to attract the right audience, we market educational events and programs in an innovative manner that addresses the local and regional aspects and its academic community, designing and implementing media campaign with traditional tools such as press material as well as utilizing the power of social media and online presence in addition to keeping up with enquiries prior, during and after the event. One of our key strengths here is our huge database of contacts and good reputation.
And as we seek to enhance the whole experience of our partners and student, we provide help with obtaining their official documentation and visa documents as well as help with finding a suitable accommodation and that applies to both short-term visits and long-term stays.
We also manage ours guests’ pick up and drop off to and from the airport in addition to booking accommodation.
Culture and openness are highly valued concepts in EBBO, that’s why we are providing a dedicated professional staff to help our partners and students explore Cairo and all of Egypt, enjoy remarkable scenery, visit world-famous landmarks and get to know more about the culture, the language and all of the aspects that help transform an Academic experience into a full-life enriching experience.