Background & History

Education Beyond Borders Organization (EBBO) is an established educational agency, based in Egypt with an international business vision. EBBO is recognized by the Egyptian General Authority for Investment (GAFI).

EBBO started as ASCDE (Arab Society for Continuous Dental Education) in 2008, a pioneer Association in Egypt and MENA region to promote cross-boundary interdisciplinary education in Egypt.

EBBO is unique among educational agencies as it serves a previously overlooked market sector of high-caliber candidates from Egypt and MENA region. We partner with reputable institutes worldwide, combining our expertise in the local and regional market with their distinguished university systems and together we work to satisfy the demand for an international higher education sector in Egypt and MENA. Our Counselors work closely with universities and students to minimize potential obstacles throughout the process.

EBBO also offers a variety of expert consulting services in fields including curriculum customization, feasibility studies, accreditation consulting and more. Our expert consultant teams coordinate programs with the top tiers of local and international universities.


  • We started with running CPD courses for thousands of Egyptian and Arab dentists given by 75 speakers from 14 different countries
  • ASCDE represents reputational dental academies in USA like American Academy of cosmetic dentistry (AACD) located in Madison Wisconsin , American academy for Implant dentistry (AAID) located in Chicago, International Association for Orthodontics (IAO) in Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • Hosting international programs like German fellowship in implantology  DGI (Deutsche gesellschaft für implantologie) and American Academy of Implant dentistry Maxi course
  • Founding EBBO to expand our scope to other Majors other than dentistry.
  • Hosting Academic degrees as the University of Dundee Msc programs.
  • We recruit 120 students enrolled in University of Dundee programs