Uod Programs

Uod Programs

We host cross-boundary educational programs

Education Beyond Borders Organization

Education Beyond Borders Organization

Expert worldwide educational services provider

What do we provide?

EBBO provides services for both students and institutes

Background & History

EBBO started as ASCDE (Arab Society for Continuous Dental Education) in 2008, a pioneer Association in Egypt and MENA region to promote cross-boundary interdisciplinary education in Egypt. Background We started with running CPD courses for...

For Institutions

EBBO also offers a variety of expert consulting services in fields including curriculum customization, feasibility studies, accreditation consulting and more. Our expert consultant teams coordinate programs with the top tiers of local and international universities....

For Students

We understand that students seeking enrollment at internationally renowned institutions make an important investment, that’s why we care to convey our partners’ programs to them with in-depth knowledge to ensure the investment is fruitful. We...

About EBBO

EBBO (Education Beyond Borders organization) is a leading education consulting company in Egypt and MENA region. We work to connect and achieve the interests of both students and higher education institutions.

We partner with reputable universities and agencies worldwide, combining our expertise in the local and regional market with their distinguished university systems and together we work to satisfy the demand for an international higher education sector in Egypt and MENA region

We provide students with professional education through high quality institutions and Universities through its consulting services. This process is best served by attracting students in other countries who are well matched to the institution and aware of the institution’s strategies and methods of education.

Our experts with years of research, education and working experience, offer help in recruiting students in prestigious universities each year.